You have been hired as a Database Consultant by to design a SQL Server 2012 database solution. You are tasked with designing a scale-out and high-availability SQL Server 2012 Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database solution that will maintain copies of data across two server instances. Your solution must provide scale-out of read operations by distributing the reads from clients across two SQL Server 2012 nodes. The data in both SQL Server nodes needs to be indexed. What should you include in your solution?

A. You should include a primary database with scheduled log shipping to the secondary database configured.
B. You should include two servers configured in an Active-Passive SQL Server 2012 Cluster.
C. You should include a primary SQL Server 2012 database that uses transactional replication to replicate data to the secondary
database. D. You should include two servers in an Asynchronous-Commit Availability Mode Availability Group.
E. You should include two servers in a Synchronous-Commit Availability Mode Availability Group.

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