You have four servers named Server1, Server2, Server3, and Server4 that run Windows Server 2016. Each server has a single 4-TB SATA hard disk. To each server you attach a new 4-TB SATA hard disk. You need to create a new storage cluster that uses Storage Spaces Direct. The storage pool must contain all of the new disks. Which command should you run before you enable Storage Space Direct?

A. Add-ClusterSharedVolume “”Name “Disk 1” “”Cluster Cluster1
B. New-Cluster “”Name Cluster1 “”Node “˜Server1′, “˜Server2′, “˜Server3′, “˜Server4′ -NoStorage
C. Get-ClusterAvailableDisk “”Cluster Cluster1 | Add-ClusterDisk
D. New-ClusterStorageEnclosure “”id 1 “”name Cluster1 “”type jbod “”ConnectionString “Server1,Server2,Server3,Server4”
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