You manage a server infrastructure for a software development company. There are 30 physical servers distributed across 4 subnets, and one Microsoft Hyper-V cluster that can run up to 100 virtual machines (VMs). You configure the servers to receive the IP address from a DHCP server named SERVER1 that runs Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. You assign a 30-day duration to all DHCP leases. Developers create VMs in the environment to test new software. They may create VMs several times each week. Developers report that some new VMs cannot acquire IP address. You observe that the DHCP scope is full and delete non-existent devices manually. All physical servers must keep their current DHCP lease configuration. You need to ensure that the DHCP lease duration for VMs is 8 hours. What should you configure?

A. 4 server-level Allow filters
B. 1 server-level DHCP policy
C. 1 scope-level DHCP policy
D. 4 scope-level exclusion ranges
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