Your clients network environment includes a Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 server installed at its main office. The network administrator at a remote office reports high WAN utilization. Users at the remote office report slow response times when downloading source code. You need to minimize WAN utilization and improve the response times for downloading source code. What should you do?

A. Install TFS Server at the remote site and set up database synchronization between the existing TFS Server and the remote site.
B. Install and configure TFS Proxy at the remote site. Point the TFS Proxy to the TFS server and point Team Explorer to the TFS Proxy.
C. Install and configure IIS caching. Point Team Explorer to the IIS server.
D. Install TFS Proxy at the remote site. Configure TFS Proxy to point to the TFS Server and configure each user’s Visual Studio Source Control to use the proxy

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