Your company has 10 offices. The network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains 500 client computers. Each office is configured as a separate subnet. You discover that one of the offices has the following: ✑ Computers that have several preinstalled applications ✑ Computers that use nonstandard computer names ✑ Computers that have Windows 10 preinstalled ✑ Computers that are in a workgroup You must configure the computers to meet the following corporate requirements: ✑ All the computers must be joined to the domain. ✑ All the computers must have computer names that use a prefix of CONTOSO. ✑ All the computers must only have approved corporate applications installed. You need to recommend a solution to redeploy the computers. The solution must minimize the deployment time.

A. a provisioning package
B. wipe and load refresh
C. Windows Autopilot
D. an in-place upgrade

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