Your company has a Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 organization. All email sent to the company uses an SMTP domain named You create a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription that has a default domain named You run the Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Configuration wizard, and receive the following error message: “No shared domains have been detected within the Exchange Online and on-premises organizations. Make sure that your primary domain (such as is added to both Exchange Online and on- premises.” You are unable to advance to the next step in the wizard. What should you do to resolve this problem?

A. From a public registrar, register a new domain name and then add the domain name from the Microsoft 365 admin center.
B. From Active Directory, add to the UPN suffix list.
C. From the Exchange admin center in Exchange Online, modify the accepted domain.
D. From the Microsoft 365 admin center, add as a domain.

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