Your company plans to hire 100 sales representatives who will work remotely. Each sales representative will be given a laptop that will run Windows 10. A corporate image of Windows 10 will be applied to each laptop. While the laptops are connected to the corporate network, they will be joined to the domain. The sales representatives will not be local administrators. Once the laptops are configured, each laptop will be shipped by courier to a sales representative. The sales representative will use a VPN connection to connect to the corporate network. You need to recommend a solution to deploy the VPN settings for the sales representatives. The solution must meet the following requirements: ✑ Ensure that the VPN settings are the same for every sales representative. ✑ Ensure that when a user connects to the VPN, an application named App1 starts. What is the best approach to achieve the goal? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A. VPN auto triggering
B. The Add-VpnConnection cmdlet
C. The Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)
D. Group Policy preferences
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