Your company uses a cluster of two FortiGate 3600C units in active-passive mode to protect the corporate network. The FortiGate cluster sends its logs to a FortiAnalyzer and you have configured scheduled weekly reports for the Internet bandwidth usage of each corporate VLAN. During a scheduled maintenance window, you make a series of configuration changes. When the next FortiAnalyzer weekly report is generated, you notice that Internet bandwidth usage reported by the FortiAnalyzer is far less than expected. What is the reason for this discrepancy?

A. You applied an antivirus profile on some of the policies, and no traffic can be accelerated.
B. You disabled all security profiles on some of the firewall policies, and the traffic matching those policies is now accelerated.
C. You enabled HA session-pickup, which is turn disabled session accounting.
D. You changed from active-passive to active-active, causing the session traffic counters to become inaccurate.
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