Your companys help desk support team comprises a single individual using an Excel spreadsheet to track tickets. You want to improve the flow of information between the help desk and your development team. You need to ensure that the lead developer receives updates only when new software defects are reported by the help desk. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. Create a custom list on SharePoint to capture ticket information. • Have the lead developer subscribe to an alert for each ticket that is created with a type of “software defect”.

B. • Use the System Center 2012 Ticket Manager to capture tickets from the help desk. • Enable the ticket integration adapter to push tickets captured in System Center to TFS as bug work items. • Have the lead developer subscribe to alerts for his or her assigned work items.
C. • Create a team project on your Team Foundation Server with a custom process template to track tickets. • For software defects, have the help desk assign the tickets to the lead developer. • Have the lead developer review his or her assigned tickets.
D. • Publish the Excel spreadsheet to a SharePoint document library. • Configure an alert to notify the development lead when the spreadsheet is modified.

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