Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 and a server named Server2 that runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Both servers are member servers. On Server2, you install all of the software required to ensure that Server2 can be managed remotely from Server Manager. You need to ensure that you can manage Server2 from Server1 by using Server Manager. Which two tasks should you perform on Server2? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. (Choose two.)

A. Run the Enable-PSRemoting cmdlet.
B. Run the Configure-SMRemoting.psl script.
C. Run the Enable-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet.
D. Run the Set-ExecutionPolicycmdlet.
E. Run the systempropertiesremote.exe command.
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