Your network contains an internal network and a perimeter network. The internal network contains an Active Directory domain named All client computers in the perimeter network are part of a workgroup. The internal network contains a Microsoft System Center 2012 infrastructure. You plan to implement an update infrastructure to update the following: ✑ Windows Server 2012 ✑ System Center 2012 ✑ Windows Server 2003 ✑ Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ✑ Third-party virtualization hosts ✑ Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Another administrator recommends implementing a single WSUS server to manage all of the updates. You need to identify which updates can be applied by using the recommended deployment of WSUS. What should you identify? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)

A. SQL Server 2012
B. System Center 2012
C. SharePoint Server 2010
D. Windows Server 2012
E. Third-party virtualization hosts
F. Windows Server 2003
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Option BCDE
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Option BCDE

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