Your network environment includes two Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 servers. A remote site has two teams. Each team uses a different TFS instance. The developers at the remote site experience poor performance due to network bandwidth issues. You need to relieve bandwidth by configuring Team Foundation server with the minimal components. What should you do?

A. • Install an IIS Server at the remote site and add Output Caching Rules to the IIS instance. • Change user configurations at the remote site to use IIS server.
B. • Install a single TFS Proxy instance at the remote site, adding tags in TFProxy Proxy.contiq for each server instance. • Point all users at the remote site to the TFS Proxy server.
C. • Install a third TFS Server and move the projects that are used by the remote team from existing servers to the third server. • Point all users at the remote site to the new server.
D. • Install a TFS Proxy server instance for each project team.

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