Your work for Contoso, Ltd. Your company has many subsidiaries in various countries that all use a shared chart of accounts. One subsidiary’s local government requires the use of a government -mandated chart of accounts for reporting. This chart is the same for some accounts in your shared chart of accounts, but not for all of them. You need to ensure that foreign subsidiary is able to complete the mandatory statutory reporting while adhering to the local government regulations. Which two steps should you take to enable the mandatory statutory reporting? Each correct answer presents a part of the solution. (Choose two.)

A. Set up currency exchange rates for the government-mandated chart.
B. Map all accounts from the shared chart of accounts to additional consolidation accounts from the government-mandated chart
C. Set up a consolidation group for the government-mandated chart
D. Create a new chart of accounts specifically to be used for the subsidiary company that matches the government-mandated chart of accounts.
E. Download electronic reporting configurations from Lifecycle Services.

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