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Sophos UTM: Host not found error

Here in this article we will troubleshoot when we are getting host not found error in sophos UTM


When trying to access some specific website, sophos UTM is giving error as shown below:

While trying to retrieve the URL:https://keriomail:8014/The content could not be delivered due to the following condition:Host not found


Normally this error will be caused when client is unable to resolve the website hostname to server IP address.

You can follow the below steps to add DNS request route

  1. Browse to: Network Services > DNS > Request Routing and select +New DNS request route.
  2. Configure the rule as follows
    • Domain: [Your domain]
    • Target Servers: [Your internal DNS server]
DNS request route
DNS request route

By following the steps issue could be resolved.

In case if the issue did not resolve, feel free to mail me. I will suggest you the next steps.

Hope this article helps you.

2 thoughts on “Sophos UTM: Host not found error

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Seshu,
      This issue got resolved in UTM,thank you for the post,its really helping a lot.

      but facing the similar issue in Xg firewall unable to resolve names from a VPN, we have a site to site VPN but there is no name resolution on both sides, I already checked if the service is blocked on the interface administration and it isn’t also the firewall policy is allowed to any service.


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