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Sophos UTM: SSL VPN is frequently disconnecting


SSL VPN in sophos UTM is frequently disconnecting.


If the SSL VPN connection to sophos UTM is frequently disconnecting. This issue could be related to keep alive packets.

By default keep alive packet in sophos UTM is set to 10-120 seconds. It means UTM and SSL VPN client detects each other every 10 seconds by sending keep alive packets. If no keep alive packet received in 120 seconds it disconnects the SSL VPN.

This issue can be solved by increasing the keep alive range. Now let’s understand how to increase that value.

Step-1: First login to cli of the Sophos UTM. You can look at this article for the same:,to%20Connection%20%3E%20SSH%20%3E%20Auth.

Step-2:Type this command “cat /var/chroot-openvpn/etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf

You will observe one field like this in the file “keepalive 10 120“.

The issue could be solved by replacing the value “120” with “600“.

Hope this article helps you.