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Sophos XG: Access point is not coming in pending AP list


In this article, we will troubleshoot the issue access point is not showing in pending access point list.

Pending access point
Pending Access point


If access point needs to come under pending access point list, the following requirements needs to be satisfied.

Step-1: Access point must get IP from DHCP server either DHCP server could be sophos XG firewall or external DHCP server.

Please refer to this link to configure DHCP server in the sophos XG firewall

DHCP server

If sophos XG firewall is DHCP server, under Network>> DHCP tab we can verify whether access point got IP address or not as shown below

DHCP IPv4 lease
DHCP lease tab

If active directory is DHCP server, you can check in active directory whether IP got assigned to access point or not.

Step-2: If access point got IP address and still its not showing in the pending access points list, it could be due to firmware version mismatch in sophos XG firewall and access point firmware.

We can verify this issue by looking at LED status of access point ( we can observe red blinking and green blinking lights).

Once you confirm the issue, go to backup and firmware >> pattern updates as shown in below tab.

pattern updates
Pattern updates

Click on the install option beside AP firmware, then new firmware will be automatically applied on access points.

Now access points will be listed in pending access point list.

Hope this article helps you.