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Sophos XG firewall: Unable to download google chrome


We recently installed an Sophos XG Firewall cluster for a client and are going through a number of pains.

At the moment I`m working on this one. Trying to download Chrome I get the below messages. 

On Internet Explorer I get this message:(site is not secure)

site is not secure
Block site

Using Chrome to download Chrome installer, I get the below message.

This is happening on multiple machines.

Unsecure error
Blocked site


It could be normally because of web filtering block google chrome

Login to the firewall

click Web under protect as shown below

Web policy

Go to Exceptions

Web exception

Click on the add exception and create exception like shown in below image

Web exception for google chrome
Chrome exception

We need to exclude policy check filtering for these two URL address


After creating the exception save it and then try to download the chrome download again.

It will be downloaded now.