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Sophos XG Firewall: User portal is not accessible

This article is useful when user is trying to access user portal in sophos xg firewall and it is not accessible.

It will be caused due to different scenarios and here we listed some of them.


User portal is not accessible from the external network (WAN)


Make sure that the User Portal is selected for WAN interface underĀ Administration > Device Access.

Device Access
device access menu

If User portal is not ticked in the WAN zone, it will not be accessible from external network


Verify the admin port settings

Make sure the SSL VPN users are accessing the portal using the port configured under Administration > Admin Settings.

User Portal Port
User portal port

You need to use the syntax like here: https://<WAN-IP>:<User-portal-port>

For example, your WAN ip is and user portal port is 4443

You need to access the user portal with this URL:


For suppose, you have configured SSL VPN on port 443 and you are trying to access it.

In case if there is any DNAT rule configured on the firewall with original port as 443 and it is mapping to some other server internally, user portal will not be accessible.

DNAT rule
DNAT rule

Since in this case traffic will not hit the firewall.