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Sophos XG: How to configure sophos XG firewall as DHCP server


Here in this article, we will learn how to configure sophos XG firewall as DHCP server.

When you configure sophos XG firewall as DHCP server, it provides IP address and network parameters, such as default gateway, subnet mask, DNS servers, and WINS servers to DHCP clients.


Login to the firewall and click on network tab and then click on DHCP tab as shown below:

DHCP tab

Then click on add button and enter these details:

Name: Enter your preferred name

Interface: Select the interface on which clients will receive the IP address.

Dynamic IP lease: Enter lease IP range.

Static IP Mapping: You can also map MAC address to the IP address using this option. If we configure this option, it means client with specific MAC address will be received specific IP address only.

You can enable the gateway option, if you want to configure sophos XG firewall as default gateway.

DHCP settings
DHCP settings

As shown in below figure you can also configure DNS servers to these IP address as shown below.

You can enable “Use device DNS settings” to use DNS IP address which are added in the sophos XG firewall. If you want to configure seperate DNS servers for these IP address, you can mention the IP address as shown below.

DNS settings
DNS settings

Hope this article helps you.