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Sophos XG: How to configure wireless network


In this article we will understand how to configure wireless network in sophos XG firewall.


Turn on wireless protection:

First turn on the wireless protection under wireless >> wireless settings as follows

Wireless settings
wireless settings

In the allowed zones section add the network zones used to connect the access points.

In time out tab, enter a time out value. The access point becomes inactive when the time out is reached and then click apply.

Add a wireless network:

To add a wireless network, perform these functions:

  1. Go to Wireless > wireless networks and click add

2. Enter a name for the wireless network (maximum support characters are 58).

3. Enter a hardware name for the interface which you cannot change later.

4. Enter the Service Set Identifier (SSID). It is useful for connecting wireless clients to the wireless network.

5. Select a security mode, normally WPA2 is recommended.

Note: When using enterprise authentication, you also need to configure a RADIUS server. Use the wireless network name as the NAS ID.

6. Enter a passphrase to protect the wireless network from unauthorized access, and re-enter the passphrase to confirm.

7. In the Client traffic section, select a method that’ll determine how the wireless network integrates with your local network.

8. Click Save.

The following image shows the sample wireless network settings:

Wireless networks
sample wireless

After saving this configuration, wireless network will be saved into sophos XG firewall.

Add an access point:

Once access point connected to sophos XG, access point will be showed in pending access point list under wireless >> pending access points tab

Access points
Pending access points

In case if access point is not showing in pending access points, you can follow this article to troubleshoot that issue:

Access point pending list

Then accept the access point listed under pending access points, new access point will be listed under access points.

Click on the edit button beside the access point and add it to wireless network.

Now you can use wireless clients by connecting to wireless network.

Hope this article helps you.