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Sophos XG: How to install SSL certificate in User devices


Here in this article we will discuss how to install SSL certificate in the client machines.


First step is to verify the HTTPS scanning certificate used under web protection >> General Settings

HTTPS certificate
SSL certificate

As shown in the above screenshot, it is using security appliance SSL certificate.

Go to certificates >> certificate authorities and download the above certificate in your local machine.

Security appliance SSL CA
Certificate Authorities

Once you click on download option, it will be downloaded in PEM format.

Now follow these steps:

1.Open “Microsoft Management Console” in your local machine.

2.Click “ADD/REMOVE SNAP-IN” under file menu.

3.Select certificates from the list and click ADD to display the certificates snap-in window.

4.Select the “computer account” and click Next.

5.Click Finish and the list of snap-ins.

6.Click OK to add the certificates snap-in, which should now be visible in the Add/Remove Snap-ins window.

7.Expand the list of certificate containers, right-click Trusted Root Authorities, and choose All Tasks > Import to start Certificate Import Wizard.

The certificate will be imported now.

Now sophos XG firewall can inspect any HTTPS traffic.

Hope this article helps you.