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Sophos Xg: How to view live users in STAS


Here in this article we will learn how to view live users in STAS client.


Here is the working process of STAS in sophos XG

User will login to work station and authentication request will be sent to domain controller where STAS is installed.

To view the live users in STAS client, launch STAS application click on advanced tab. Click show live users to view the live users list.

Live users tab
Live users

Once you click on show live users tab new tab will be opened showing all live users.

Live users list
Live users list

Now we will understand each attribute from the above image.

Username: It is the username of logged in user.

Domain: It is active directory domain name

Work station ip: It is IP address of workstation on which user logged in.

Logged in time: User logged in time will be noted.

Logon type: Log on type represents how the information received by the sophos XG firewall.

1.Workstation Polling – This is when the Sophos XG Firewall receives unauthenticated traffic from the users and it performs a reverse query on the STA Collector to fetch the user information.

2.AD Authentication – This is when the users are first authenticated by the AD and then the Sophos XG Firewall receives this authenticated traffic.

Hope this article helps you