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Sophos Xg: Troubleshooting failsafe mode


In this article we will troubleshoot failsafe mode in sophos XG firewall.


Before entering into fail safe mode, we will get info like this in CLI

failsafe mode
failsafe mode

Once you enter password enter device console menu and type this command “show failure-reason

failure reason
failure reason

We will get the reason for entering fail safe mode.


The failsafe mode will be initiated if any of the following reasons are impaired:

Configuration DB

Signature DB

Firewall Framework

Logging (garner)


RAM size lower than 3600 MB (Applicable for virtual/software appliances)

The result of these failures will be:

  1. No access to web admin console

2. All traffic to and from appliance is dropped.

3. Appliance is accessible only over console cable.

To troubleshoot the failsafe mode, first login to the firewall using console cable, go to device console and enter this command “show failure-reason

If failure reason is unable to start config database, perform factory reset and restore backup.

If failure reason is unable to start firewall framework, perform reboot.

f failure reason is RAM for virtual appliance, increase the RAM size. Minimum 3600 MB required.

Hope this article helps you.