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Troubleshoot the error “Not secure” in fortigate firewall or any website

Here in this article we will troubleshoot “not secure” error we will get when accessing some website in browser or when accessing any firewall GUI like fortigate firewall.

Possible reasons for getting not secure error in browser:

  1. Whenever we are accessing any website, the concerned web server will present its certificate to our browser, if the concerned certificate certificate authority is not present in our machine root certificate authorities we will get this error.
  2. Lets say the certificate is signed with CN name as “” and Subject alternative name is also “” and if you are accessing with its IP address like “https://102.345.56.45” then you will get that error. Because the URL which you are using should be matched either with subject alternative name or common name to prevent this error.

How to check for CN and subject alternative Name:

Here in the below path we can check for CN and SAN

In google chrome—>Click on browser pad lock –> connection is not secure button—>certificate is not valid—->details—> subject (it means CN name) & subject alternative name

These possible reasons you can apply in all the cases whenever you are getting “not secure” error.

Hope this article helps you