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Web Socket Error-Clientless RDP Access


Here in this article we will troubleshoot the issue when users are accessing through clientless RDP they were getting “web socket error” as shown below.

Web Socket Error


Ensure you have configured clientless RDP access correctly. You can refer to the following article for the same:

Clientless RDP access

If you have configured all settings correctly, the issue might be solved by one of the two resolutions.


Some browsers will have compatibility issues and they will not be able to access clientless RDP.

Try accessing from different browsers and if its still the same error, follow Resolution-2


Check if clientless service is running by executing this command: “service -S | grep clientless_access”

If status of the service is showing as unregistered or untouched, restart clientless access service by using the below command

service clientless_access:restart -ds nosync

Check if the service is running by entering this command again “service -S | grep clientless_access

If service is running, try to connect clientless RDP it should be connected.

In case if you are still getting the error please comment below. I will try to find the possible resolution.

Hope this article helps you.